CONTAXX – Business organisation - System for Cable Cars


The technology of cable cars has had significantly to adapt to changing market requirements in recent years. On the one hand, new systems have been developed that guarantee higher capacity as well as higher availability. On the other hand, existing systems have had to be optimised in regard to performance and cost efficiency, both for system suppliers and operators. The introduction of new safety standards and EN standards has also had a significant impact on development of lift installations.


Overall, the cost of cable-car companies’ operation of lift installations has increased considerably. New EN standards and changed legal awareness have resulted in higher organisational efforts on the part of cable-car operators.


The business organisation system CONTAXX – MMS (Maintenance & Monitoring System) was developed with the aim of assisting cable-car companies in terms of their daily expenditures without significantly changing existing resources and processes. The upmost priority in the development of MMS was to meet the needs of daily rail operations.


A new system was developed, thanks to years of experience in cable-car technology combined with the latest IT technology, that focuses on the special needs of everyday operation of cable-car companies.


A platform, CONTAXX-SOS, was introduced that enables different cable-car companies to exchange spare parts in case of an emergency or to sell spare parts that are not needed anymore.